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Tune Protect Group Joins The 30% Club Malaysia As A Corporate Member

Tune Protect Group to achieve 50% women in the leadership team by the year of 2023, whilst 50% of critical roles will be succeeded from within the organisation.

KUALA LUMPUR, 30 June 2021 – Tune Protect Group Berhad (“Tune Protect”) is officially a corporate member of the 30% Club Malaysia, a local chapter of a global business-led campaign focused on building an ecosystem of businesses to promote diversity, equity and inclusion with a focus on gender balance on boards and C-suites. This involvement is in line with two of Tune Protect’s sustainability commitments in achieving 50% women representation in the leadership team by 2023 and 50% of the critical roles will have successors identified from within the organisation also by 2023.

“Today, 40% of members of the Tune Protect’s Senior Leadership team are women, which brings us closer towards achieving the Group’s commitment outlined earlier. We are thrilled to be part of the 30% Club Malaysia and share the platform to further accelerate the diversity and inclusion agenda going forward. In Malaysia, Securities Commission has set a target for 30% women to be on the Boards of the top 100 listed companies by the end of 2020, however, as at March 2021, there is only 25.6% women on the Boards, which denotes that there is still room for improvement to increase women representation at corporate levels. At Tune Protect, we have surpassed the target with a 40% representation of women in our Board and will continue to be an advocate in promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion,” said Rohit Nambiar (“Rohit”), Group Chief Executive Officer of Tune Protect.

In achieving its commitment of having 50% women representation in the leadership team by 2023, Tune Protect has finalised the definition of the leadership team earlier this year and will be rolling out curated individual development plans for the identified women leaders by the year end. In addition to that, Tune Protect has also planned an organisational wide diversity deep dive exercise which will also look at women representation across various levels of the organisation.

To fulfil its commitment of having 50% of the critical roles succeeded from within the organisation, Tune Protect is currently undergoing a talent review exercise to earmark future leaders and map out their career progression within the organisation.

Launched in May 2015, the 30% Club Malaysia aims to activate Chairs and CEOs in corporates to be visible in adopting diversity, equity and inclusion best practices in their organisations as well as engage wider stakeholders with market influence through its activities.

“We are pleased to welcome Tune Protect Group Berhad as a Corporate Member of the 30% Club Malaysia; joining an expanding business ecosystem, working together towards a shared goal of diversity, equity and inclusion. The 30% Club Malaysia look forward to supporting Tune Protect Group Berhad, through practical and focused activities including access to knowledge, insights and best practices in advancing their diversity and inclusion agenda,” said Tan Sri Zarinah Anwar, Founding Chair, 30% Club Malaysia.

Tune Protect seeks to employ individuals who will make a positive contribution to the organisational objectives and to the core values of the organisation. Its hiring practices are guided by the principles of merit such as skills, knowledge, and behaviours, and in full support of a diverse workforce, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, and age, among others.

“We want to create diversity within our team and through this collaboration with the 30% Club Malaysia, we believe that we will be able to provide the platform in building talent amongst our women and offer opportunities across different levels of our organisation including senior leadership positions,” Rohit concluded.

For more information about Tune Protect’s sustainability efforts and commitments, please visit the official website at


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Tune Protect Group Making Headway in its 3-year Strategic Plan

Kuala Lumpur, 17 June 2021 – Tune Protect Group Berhad (“Tune Protect” or “the Group”) informed that their 3-year strategic plan has achieved several milestones from when it was first announced in January this year. At the Group’s 10th Annual General Meeting (“AGM”) held today, the Group reported the progress that it had made and the initiatives that will be executed moving forward. Tune Protect had in its strategy outlined several strategic directions including building an insurance company that everyone loves, leveraging on the AirAsia ecosystem, and establishing itself as an ASEAN-based insurer. The three key business pillars that the Group is focused on are Health, Lifestyle and Small & Medium Enterprises (“SMEs”), with millennials, Gen-Z and small businesses as its target consumer segments.

In his presentation to shareholders, Rohit Nambiar (“Rohit”), the Group Chief Executive Officer said, “Considering a low general insurance penetration rate of just 1.13%1 and internet users of nearly 70%2 of the population, ASEAN presents massive opportunities for us as we expand our footprint. It is certainly the right moment to accelerate our Health, Lifestyle and SMEs propositions to consumers or through our business-to-business (“B2B”) digital partnerships across industries such as airlines, e-commerce, logistic, healthcare providers and e-wallets, just to name a few.”

Acknowledging the massive growth opportunities in ASEAN, the Group has established more than 20 partnerships since October 2020. This achievement has surpassed the initial target of 10 partnerships that was set by the Group by the end of the first half of 2021.

Innovation in Health
The Group is focused on providing affordable and accessible insurance to address the protection gap in the market, especially when it comes to basic healthcare or medical coverage. In the first quarter of 2021, Tune Protect has introduced several health innovations in Malaysia and Thailand.

Its first online medical product, PRO-Health Medical, offers cashless hospital admission and an e-medical card upon enrolment, which can be easily purchased on the go, through the mobile phone.

In tandem with the inoculation programmes taking place worldwide, Tune Protect offers VSafe and VSURE Protect, innovative Covid-19 vaccination insurance plans in Thailand, covering in-patient medical expenses (cashless hospital admission) and daily hospitalisation income benefit, due to untoward side effects of the vaccination. Aside to being distributed online, a major hospital group in Thailand has also been appointed as an exclusive partner and distributor of VSURE Protect to administer the Covid-19 vaccination for easier access to the vaccine coverage. The vaccine insurance plan shall be made available to the Malaysian consumers next.

Taking its Health solutions a step further, Tune Protect recently introduced a Telehealth service, Health2GO, which provides medical Teleconsultation service for customers. Customers now have the convenience to consult with general practitioners and medical specialists or receive coaching from other healthcare professionals on health matters such as diet and stress management, remotely, either through phone calls, text messaging or video calls.

Rohit shared, “Insurance packaged with health services is especially relevant today, given the movement restrictions that the Covid-19 pandemic has brought about. We are pleased to be able to connect our customers with their preferred doctor or dietician from the comfort and safety of their homes with Health2GO Teleconsultation. We expect to further stack our health tech offerings to Telemedicine next.”

In the pipeline, Tune Protect is also developing a Critical Illness proposition which will focus on key diseases cover and can be replicated across markets.

Meeting Consumers’ Lifestyle Needs
In addressing the needs of young homeowners, tenants and renters, the Group launched Home Easy and Home Shield to offer highly affordable home protection on the property, its contents, as well as stackable benefits such as landlord and mortgage loan protection. Home Easy can be purchased on Tune Protect’s mobile app, whilst Home Shield is distributed by the agency force. Home Easy, in particular, is a market disruptor as it is the cheapest Home insurance plan offered in the market, with savings in premium of approximately 40% for HouseOwner. Tune Protect has committed to refund the price difference in its Lowest Price Guarantee campaign should customers find a cheaper Home insurance product in the market.

Acknowledging the shift in consumer behaviour towards online shopping, the Group collaborates with BOXKU in Malaysia and Cover Genius in Thailand to offer Consignment Insurance and In-Land Transit Insurance respectively to cover for loss or damage to the parcels in transit. Through the partnership with BOXKU, Tune Protect offers online shoppers the ease and convenience of purchasing consignment insurance on BOXKU’s mobile app, whilst the in-land transit insurance is offered via the Shopee digital platform.

Moving forward, the Group will be offering more lifestyle-driven products which include among others pet, eyewear, e-wallet, and student travel protection plans.

Empowering the SMEs
Tune Protect acknowledges that despite tremendous benefits, many SMEs lag in digital adoption and transformation. Realising the digital gap overshadowing SMEs, has inspired Tune Protect to develop programmes to help alleviate the skillsets of its SME clients. Together with Redbeat Academy, Tune Protect looks to upskill and equip its SME clients with digital knowledge and know-how through a specially curated programme, BINA Digital3. This online programme is structured to introduce and guide SMEs in building a progressive business plan while looking into online productivity tools to take their businesses to the next level.

Additionally, the Group is also working on introducing its SMEs clients from the food & beverage and other retail consumer products industries to join the airasia Super App as merchants, to expand their businesses by broadening the distribution channel for customer acquisition.

Tune Protect will also be rolling out its first B2B SME insurance package and introduce an easy payment plan with 0% interest4 for its SMEs clients on their fire insurance, in the coming months.

Encouraging Performance
The Group’s Gross Written Premiums (“GWP”) and Net Earned Premiums (“NEP”) for the first quarter of 2021 (“1Q21”) rose quarter-on-quarter (“QoQ”), by 34.3% and 6.7% respectively. It is the second consecutive QoQ GWP growth and the third consecutive QoQ NEP growth for Tune Protect. This is an encouraging signal for the Group as its performance gradually returns to pre-COVID level, recording slight GWP and NEP decline of 2.4% and 3.4% year-on-year (“YoY”).

NPS As a Measure of Success
Tune Protect has started to adopt the customer and employee Net Promoter Score (“NPS”) as a measure of success. The NPS methodology allows a customer or an employee to rank their satisfaction level on how likely they are to recommend Tune Protect to friends and families, and the scoring is then used to interpret and improve customer satisfaction.

“One of the key factors to success lies in how best we are able to deliver the right solutions and products to our customers and employees by listening to what they want and how they feel about us. By adopting the NPS, we will first be able to drive the desired behaviour among our employees, and ultimately that can drive us to being an NPS leader in the insurance industry, and a step closer to our vision of being the Lifestyle Insurer That Everyone Loves,” Rohit concluded.

Committing to Sustainability
Tune Protect had outlined five sustainability commitments in the beginning of 2021. The progress of these commitments is summarised as follows:
  1. As at 31 May 2021, 40% of the members of the Group Board and Senior Leadership team are women. The Group targets to achieve 50% women in the leadership team by the end of 2023, whilst 50% of critical roles will be succeeded from within the organisation.
  2. Tune Protect is on track to be a zero-paper organisation for all in-control processes by end of 2021 as it pursues to be an agile and a more efficient company.
  3. Various business and operating policies have also been enhanced to include sustainability elements to ensure that the entire organisation embraces and practices sustainability in its day-to-day operations.
  4. Customers and employees NPS will be a measure of success for the organisation and the metrics is targeted to be rolled out in the second half of 2021.
  5. Charity or sustainability elements have also been incorporated in new online products where Tune Protect pledges to contribute RM6 for every PRO-Health Medical and Home Easy policy sold to Madhya’s Gift (Yayasan Chow Kit).
At the Group’s 10th AGM, which was held fully virtual via remote participation and voting, all 10 resolutions have been passed by shareholders. For more information about Tune Protect and to view the Company’s 2020 Annual Report, please visit the official website at

3 & 4 Terms and conditions apply
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Tune Protect Focused on Diversification Over Impending Market Recovery

  • 1Q21 GWP and NEP grew to highest levels since 2Q20, driven by travel in the Middle East
  • Health and Lifestyle diversification progressing well with Medical and Home products launched
  • Overall 1Q21 earnings dampened by fair value investment losses, led by rising global bond yields
Kuala Lumpur, 28 May: Despite a challenging market, in the first quarter of 2021 (1Q21) Tune Protect Group Berhad (“Tune Protect” or “Group”; TUNEPRO, 5230) recorded Gross Written Premiums (“GWP”) of RM110.4 million and Net Earned Premiums (“NEP”) of RM56.4 million, a slight decline of 2.4% and 3.4% respectively year-on-year (“YoY”). The Group’s GWP and NEP however rose quarter-on-quarter (“QoQ”), by 34.3% and 6.7% respectively. “We are still on the right path to recovery despite tough market conditions. This is evident by the Group’s 1Q21 GWP which posted its second consecutive QoQ growth, as well as NEP which grew for the third consecutive quarter. The Group also registered an underwriting profit of RM0.8 million with lower claims experienced. We have also been able to diversify our business to reduce reliance on AirAsia for travel premiums.”

“The Group’s growth was encouraged by our travel business recovery and performance of our Covid-19 products in the Middle East. Tune Protect Re (“TPR”) achieved strong revenue growth for the quarter exceeding that of 1Q2020 by 84.0%,” said Rohit Nambiar (“Rohit”), Group Chief Executive Officer of Tune Protect.

1Q21 travel premiums grew 55.4% YoY exceeding the pre-pandemic travel premiums level in 1Q20. The RM13.0 million travel premiums recorded in the month of March 2021 was the highest since 2019.

Earnings dampened by fair value losses
Overall, the Group posted Loss After Tax (“LAT”) of RM20.5 million in 1Q21, compared to a Profit After Tax (“PAT”) of RM2.8 million in 1Q20 and RM1.6 million in 4Q20. This was mainly attributed to net investment losses (after tax) of RM25.7 million in 1Q21. The fair value investment losses, unrealised in nature, were due to surging global bond yields driven by the sell-off of US government bonds in anticipation of economic recovery, as well as inflationary expectations. Nevertheless, the investment losses were partially reversed in April, and a further gradual rebound is expected in the next two quarters. Excluding the investment losses in 1Q21, the Group would have posted a PAT of RM5.2 million.

“We maintain a weighted fixed income portfolio credit rating of at least AA. With the current expectation of our fixed income unit trust investment’s fair value recovering in the coming quarters, we are confident it will remain a viable investment in the long run,” explained Rohit.

Health and Lifestyle diversification on track
The Group has made progress with its new forays in the Health and Lifestyle segments despite the pandemic challenges. In the Health segment, it launched the PRO-Health Medical cashless admission product, which is available for purchase on mobile app, in early March 2021, targeting the millennial generation. In the pipeline, the Group is planning for a lite version of a Health product, Telemedicine plus Teleconsultant and Covid-19 vaccine cover.

In the Lifestyle segment, the Group launched Tune iPass, which is an inbound travel insurance with Covid-19 coverage for travellers entering Thailand. The Group has also collaborated with Cover Genius to distribute a product that protect against damage or loss of goods during transit from the merchants to Shopee customers in Thailand. To date, more than 120,000 policies have been issued since its launch in February 2021. The Group has also been making progress in distributing various lifestyle and travel products to customers of other digital and affinity partners in Thailand. In Malaysia, the Group recently launched Home Easy and Home Shield with the intention of offering a highly affordable home insurance to consumers. Home Easy is the first online home insurance for the Group, whilst Home Shield is distributed by the agency force.

Boosted by Middle East travel segment
TPR, the Group’s general reinsurance subsidiary, posted a strong 1Q21 GWP of RM32.7 million, a growth of 84.0% and 22.1% YoY and QoQ respectively, which was driven by the rebound in travel business from the EMEIA (Europe, Middle East India & Africa) markets. Growth in the region was led by the Covid-19 Plus Extension products and bundled Covid-19 cover performed favourably well. 1Q21 PAT however declined to RM1.0 million. Tune Protect Malaysia (“TPM”), the Group’s general insurance subsidiary, posted lower 1Q21 GWP of RM77.9 million, a 20.7% decline YoY. Its GWP performance was impacted mainly due to the decline in Travel as a result of the pandemic and the continuous containment of the Motor business. It however recorded strong GWP growth of 39.4% QoQ contributed mainly by the Fire segment. The combined ratio has also improved 1.4 percentage point YoY and underwriting profit rose 69.4% YoY to RM0.7 million.
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Tune Protect Malaysia Unveils The Cheapest Home Insurance In The Market

KUALA LUMPUR, 20 May 2021 – Bearing unexpected and large expenses to repair or replace losses to property due to fire, flood, or theft can leave anyone financially strained, especially in current times. In responding to the needs of the market, Tune Protect Malaysia (“the Company”) has launched Home Easy and Home Shield, a HouseOwner and HouseHolder insurance which provide coverage for residential buildings and home contents against loss or damage due to fire, lightning, explosions, flood, or burst pipe, among others.

Home Easy offers the cheapest online home insurance policy in the market, more than 40% savings in premium at present1. To demonstrate that it is the most affordable in the market, Tune Protect Malaysia has launched the Lowest Price Guarantee Campaign and will make good the difference if a customer finds a cheaper quote in the market from now until 31 August 20212.

Home Easy is available for fast purchase online whilst Tune Protect’s agents will assist in the purchase of Home Shield.

Both home insurance products offer attractive savings in premium compared to the tariff rate, while providing greater flexibility to homeowners to tailor their plan with optional add-ons to meet their individual needs.

In addition to being highly affordable and flexible, homebuyers or homeowners will also enjoy complimentary benefits which include reimbursement of water bill due to burst water pipe, and a Personal Liability Insurance coverage of up to RM250, 000 if they opt for both the HouseOwner and HouseHolder coverage for their homes.

With these innovative solutions in place, Tune Protect Malaysia plans to capture potential homebuyers and existing homeowners.

In the 2020 Asia-Pacific Outlook3 by Ernst & Young, 94% of millennials in Malaysia indicated their intent to buy a home in the next five years. This figure reflects a promising opportunity for Tune Protect Malaysia to extend its reach to potential homebuyers with its affordable and flexible Home Easy and Home Shield.

William Foo (“William”), Chief Executive Officer of Tune Protect Malaysia highlighted, “Buying a new home is exciting. However, with the steady increase in house prices coupled with the effects of the pandemic on personal budgets, customers have become more price-sensitive and will value any opportunity for savings. We are disrupting the market to be the insurance partner that provides the much-needed home protection at a fraction of the cost.”

He also added that many homeowners may not be aware of the amount of annual insurance premium they are paying, and he wishes to urge them to explore the potential saving they may obtain by getting a quote of these new products.

Home Easy is the first online home insurance product for Tune Protect Malaysia where customers can purchase through its website ( or the Tune Protect mobile application that is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. By purchasing from the Company’s online channels, customers will get to enjoy an additional 15% direct rebate on premium and earn 5 BIG Rewards Points for every RM1 premium for redemption of attractive rewards from an extensive list of BIG Rewards lifestyle partners.

Home Shield is distributed via Tune Protect Malaysia’s widespread agency network nationwide. By purchasing through the Company’s agents, customers will get to enjoy a Safety Net benefit – a 10% financial buffer in addition to the total sum insured of the residential building (HouseOwner).

Additional to the plans are the optional Top Up Packs to tailor their protection needs. The Top Up Packs include Landlord Insurance, Mortgage Loan Protection, Home Care and Smart Home Devices Protection.

For homeowners or homebuyers who may have existing protection but intend to purchase this new plan, Tune Protect Malaysia provides a Switchover Guide to assist them to exercise their choice.

In conjunction with the launch, Tune Protect will be joining hands with Yayasan Chow Kit (“YCK”) for its children’s health fund, Madhya’s Gift. Tune Protect pledges to contribute RM6 to this fund for every Home Easy policy sold from now until 31 December 2021. Madhya’s Gift was set up by YCK to provide healthcare to children from less privileged families who are in need of medical treatment.

For more information on Home Easy, visit their website at and for Home Shield please contact 1-800-88-5753 or email at

1 Based on Houseowner insurance plans available online in Malaysia as at 20 May 2021
2 Terms and conditions apply. Details can be found at
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Tune Protect Launches Pro-Health Medical, A New Hassle-Free And Affordable Online, Cashless Medical Insurance

Plan Includes Covid-19 Protection Campaign, Mental Health Support and Allowance for Mosquito-borne Diseases

KUALA LUMPUR, 10 March 2021 – With growing awareness for medical protection, soaring healthcare costs and tightened wallets, Tune Protect Malaysia launched its first online cashless e-medical card, PRO-Health Medical. The cashless medical plan provides hospitalisation and surgical expenses benefits to suit consumers’ lifestyles and budget needs.

William Foo (“William”), Chief Executive Officer of Tune Protect Malaysia highlighted, “Today’s digitally savvy customers thrive on convenience and simplicity. They are health-conscious, sensible and realistic in managing their expenses. These insights spurred the features of PRO-Health Medical as a comprehensive, budget-friendly plan that is easy to understand. Sign-up takes less than 5 minutes and claims are hassle-free via our Tune Protect App which also hosts the e-Medical card for cashless admission.”

Unique to PRO-Health Medical is a year-long mental wellness programme with Naluri for the first 1,000 customers, lump-sum allowance for mosquito-borne diseases, Covid-19 additional medical expenses of up to RM20,000 per diagnosis until 31 December 2021* and a charitable pledge by Tune Protect to Yayasan Chow Kit to provide children from less privileged families with access to healthcare for every policy sold.

“The professional overall mental health and lifestyle coaching by Naluri is especially timely given the pressures of keeping up with the “new” norm. Millennials are health conscious and goal driven. If their goal is to lose that 3 kgs they gained while working from home, or to learn how to balance work-life pressures, our programme with Naluri will give them that added assurance and support,” added William.

* For customers who purchase PRO-Health Medical in the month of March 2021

Features of PRO-Health Medical
The e-Medical Card provides customers coverage for hospitalisation and surgical expenses including in-patient, daycare surgical procedures and outpatient treatments expenses due to illnesses and accidents. Other benefits include the zero deductible feature which means that the customer does not have to pay upfront before receiving treatment, an e-Medical Card for a cashless admission at more than 150 hospitals across Malaysia and reimbursement for alternative and chiropractic treatments post hospitalisation.

PRO-Health Medical can be purchased by first time medical insurance customers or as a supplement to customers’ existing medical coverage. There are four plan types with Annual Limits ranging from RM30,000 to RM150,000 to choose from according to customer’s needs. A unique feature of this product is that it does not have a Lifetime Limit, which means that the Annual Limit is reinstated year-on-year.

PRO-Health Medical can be purchased by downloading the Tune Protect App from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. It can also be purchased from

The online medical insurance is available for Malaysians and non-Malaysians who legally reside in Malaysia, aged 18 years old to 45 years old and can be renewed up to the age of 65 years.

Health Segment Aligned to Tune Protect’s Strategic Direction
“The Health segment is one the main business pillars for Tune Protect going forward. The impact of recent global events has increased the awareness and interest in medical insurance especially amongst millennials and Gen Z. We believe this market segment will grow rapidly,” said Ben Assanasen, Tune Protect Group Health Lead.

PRO-Health Medical signals the start of engaging millennials through the digital space via education and raising awareness of health care at a young age. We want to bring Health to the masses, especially to the millennials segment as they are currently underserved and underinsured,” Ben added.

PRO-Health Medical and Yayasan Chow Kit
In conjunction with the PRO-Health Medical launch, Tune Protect is joining hands with Yayasan Chow Kit (“YCK”) for its children’s health fund, Madhya’s Gift. Tune Protect pledges to contribute RM6 to this fund for every policy sold until 31 December 2021. Madhya’s Gift was set up by YCK to provide healthcare to children from less privileged families who are in need of medical treatment.

The YCK and Naluri initiatives are part of Tune Protect’s sustainability commitment under the health pillar and PRO-Health Medical is the first product to introduce better access to healthcare to those who need it. This sustainability commitment will continue in future online launches.

For more information on PRO-Health Medical, visit our website at
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Tune Protect Strengthens Collaboration with BaoViet Insurance Corporation in BambooCARE

KUALA LUMPUR, 22 January 2021Tune Protect Group Berhad (“Tune Protect” or “Company”) has further strengthened its reinsurance and technology partnership with BaoViet Insurance Corporation (“BaoViet Insurance”), the largest general insurance company in Vietnam through the offering of BambooCARE Travel Insurance (“BambooCARE”) for customers flying with Bamboo Airways on its flight booking portal. This new initiative is a step forward in the partnership between the two parties which saw the launch of travel insurance and traveltech collaboration in Vietnam, inclusive of flight delay and gadget protection back in 2019. Through this new collaboration, customers flying with Bamboo Airways will enjoy a convenient and seamless experience of acquiring both flight tickets and insurance protection underwritten by BaoViet Insurance and powered by Tune Protect, on one booking platform.

This latest development is in line with Tune Protect’s growth plan to expand its footprint in the ASEAN region, adopting a digital first strategy promoting Lifestyle, Health and Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) lines and segments of businesses.

“While the world is gradually acclimatising to the new norms surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, the travel community has also become more informed and is more likely to purchase travel protection / insurance. It is a timely opportunity for Tune Protect to back BaoViet Insurance in this digital partnership, as we offer our reinsurance expertise and travel technology capabilities for BaoViet Insurance to deliver worry-free, integrated travel experience to customers flying with Bamboo Airways,” said Rohit Nambiar, Group Chief Executive Officer of Tune Protect.

BambooCARE is available for both domestic and international travels within and out of Vietnam on Bamboo Airways online booking platform. Sales have been quite encouraging despite coming mainly from domestic travels as borders remain closed in the country. The travel insurance product covers personal accidents, travel inconveniences and medical expenses during the trip to ensure travellers peace of mind.

“We are optimistic with this partnership with Tune Protect as it helps to drive product innovation and scale our digital and technology offering to the next level. Capitalising on both BaoViet Insurance’s network in Vietnam and Tune Protect’s expertise in reinsurance and travel technology, we are excited to see how this relationship will revolutionise the insurance industry here in Vietnam,” said Mr. Nguyen Quang Hung, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of BaoViet Insurance.

With roots tracing back to 1964, BaoViet Insurance Corporation is the oldest insurance company in Vietnam and a wholly owned subsidiary of Baoviet Holdings. As the leading insurer in Vietnam in terms of revenue, market share and growth, BaoViet Insurance provides a wide range of insurance products leveraging technology to bring convenience and a seamless experience to meet the needs of individual and corporate clients.

Established in 2017, Bamboo Airways is a Vietnam-based full-service airline owned by the FLC Group. Aspiring to be Vietnam’s first 5-star airline, the company has invested over USD11 billion to procure 24 new A321NEO aircraft and 30 Boeing 787-9. Not limited to domestic flights, the start-up airline has expanded their flight destinations to Asia and Europe.

For more information on Tune Protect and BaoViet Insurance, please visit and
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Emergency Donation to Yayasan Chow Kit

Tune Protect donated funds for the emergency hospitalization and surgical fees of a refugee youth who needed emergency medical attention. The victim suffered serious fractures and major skin lacerations to his head. He also suffered a concussion and had no recollection of how he was injured. Refugees do not have access to medical care and treatment like citizens do for financial and legal reasons. In a show of compassion and love for our fellow human being of a totally different nationality, race and background, Yayasan Chow Kit voluntarily took this refugee under their wing and committed to settling his bills in full. The surgery was successful and the refugee is recovering from his injuries. This is the actual photo of the refugee resting after the operation. His face is not visible to protect his identity and privacy.

Tune Protect

In a separate incident, a massive fire ravaged several homes in Chow Kit area. One of the children under Yayasan Chow Kit’s Care was severely affected by the loss caused by the fire after it destroyed the few things her family owned. Tune Protect stepped in to provide a cash donation to help sustain the family for a while to help them get back up on their feet again.

Tune Protect

The friendship between Tune Protect and Yayasan Chow Kit began in 2018 when we donated funds to repair the major roof leaks that hampered safety, lessons and activity at YCK’s Pusat Aktiviti Kanak-Kanak. Under our “Sponsor A Kid Back to School” initiative, we also donated full set of school unforms for the children. Then in 2019, Tune Protect collaborated with COBRA Rugby Club Malaysia to bring the children PROBRATS rugby training.

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Wish Upon a Christmas Star

Making the Christmas Wish of 123 Orang Asli Families Come True

Project Frankenstein

Tune Protect learnt from the Tune Protect Orang Asli Bamboo Straw Enterprise entrepreneurs that their fellow villagers in Rompin and Bahau in Negeri Sembilan wished for essential food items (Christmas Stars) for Christmas. Malnutrition is a problem plaguing the Orang Asli everywhere and so we sprang into action to rally staff to donate rice, flour, cooking oil, sugar, salt and nutritious beverage for 123 Orang Asli families; 95 for the villagers in Rompin and another 28 for the villagers in Bahau. Our staff from Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Malacca, Kuching and Adelaide, Australia pitched in to donate Christmas Stars and watched their names appearing on our Virtual Christmas Tree above! After just 8 days, we were ready for Santa to deliver the “Christmas Stars” to the villagers.

Tune Protect

On 21st December, representatives from Majlis Belia Malaysia and Majlis Belia Orang Asli Malaysia extended their appreciation to all of us at Tune Protect when they collected the Christmas Stars from our corporate office. All 123 “Christmas Stars” were then loaded into “Santa’s Sleigh” that was parked neatly by the side of the building.

Tune Protect

“Santa’s sleigh” safely delivered the Christmas Stars into the hands of the villagers who followed established COVID-19 SOPs.

Tune Protect

Tune Protect also donated several boxes of pre-loved items that our staff donated to the villagers.

Tune Protect

And so the villagers thanked Tune Protect, Majlis Belia Malaysia and Majlis Belia Orang Asli Malaysia for making a meaningful difference that Christmas. The “Wish Upon a Christmas Star” Initiative was reported in the New Straits Times, Malaysian Business Online and the Malaysian Insurance Institute Publications. This initiative was in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal No. 3 promoting good Health and Well-Being.

Tune Protect

Kuala Lumpur, 4 January 2021 - Bringing the Christmas spirit of giving last year, Tune Protect Group Berhad (“Tune Protect” or “Company”) fulfilled the wishes of two Orang Asli communities through its ‘Wish Upon A Christmas Star’ initiative that provided essential food items to 123 families from two Orang Asli villages in Negeri Sembilan. Collaborating with Majlis Belia Orang Asli Malaysia (“MBOAM”) and Majlis Belia Malaysia (“MBM”), Tune Protect rallied a donation drive among its employees for essential food items for a total of 95 families in Kampung Batu Peti, Rompin, and 28 families in Kampung Jeram Padang, Bahau, both in Negeri Sembilan.

Tune Protect champions the idea of assisting Orang Asli youth to venture into entrepreneurship to attain financial independence by. Tune Protect organizes bootcamps that teach basic financial knowledge and skills necessary for entrepreneurship and to make a living. However, the Orang Asli communities have not been spared of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and in response to their appeal for assistance, Tune Protect shifted its gears to contribute the essentials requested during the festive season to lift their spirits and help to see them through tough times brought on by the pandemic.

Many Tune Protect work-from-home staff in Klang Valley, as well as those located in different parts of Malaysia, including East Malaysia and even in Australia, responded speedily to the 7-day donation drive organised during this ongoing Conditional Movement Control Order to quickly deliver essential food items to the Tune Protect Headquarters in Wisma Tune, Damansara Heights to help the Orang Asli villagers. The essential food items donated include rice, wheat flour, cooking oil, sugar, salt and a nutritious beverage, were delivered and handed to the villages by MBM right before Christmas.

Youth from these two villages attended Tune Protect’s Orang Asli Financial Literacy, Empowerment & Entrepreneurship Programme (FLEE), which was initiated in 2018. The FLEE programme has been an ongoing initiative by Tune Protect to introduce inspirational and practical training for the Orang Asli communities with a mission to help them flee aimlessness, joblessness, poverty and social ills.

“Staying true to one of our core values, ‘Better Together’, the spirit of coming together as one has never been stronger here at Tune Protect. It is heartwarming to see the response from our people, joining forces for this cause and showcasing the true spirit of Christmas. We take pride in our FLEE programme that provides Orang Asli youth with the means for them to sustain their livelihoods, but this time around, we responded to their wish to have basic food essentials by providing them with what they need most in times of the pandemic,” said Yap Hsu Yi, Chief - People & Culture of Tune Protect.

The FLEE Programme is a 3-phase programme which consists of boot camps that are organised in collaboration with MBOAM which welcomes the participation of Orang Asli youths from any tribe, village and state who want to explore entrepreneurship and bring it back to their villages to inspire other youths as well. A total of four Orang Asli businesses were successfully registered with the Companies Commission of Malaysia as a result of FLEE. They are OA Bamboo Straw Enterprise by the Semelai entrepreneurs from Negeri Sembilan, OA Beauty by Jahut entrepreneurs from Pahang, OA Asli Zara Enterprise by Semai entrepreneurs from Perak and EBalar Handicraft by the Temiar entrepreneurs from Kelantan.

FLEE is a flagship programme by Tune Protect that is in line with the Company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (“CSR”) Framework with three pillars that promote Financial Literacy, Entrepreneurship and Protection. Tune Protect seeks to meaningfully assist dependent and underserved communities within its reach under the CSR framework, with and the Orang Asli communities as the beneficiaries of the FLEE programme.

For more information on Tune Protect’s local community engagements, please visit their website at

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Tune Protect launches on-the-go mobile application

FLEE Programme

KUALA LUMPUR (Sept 3): Digital insurer Tune Protect Group Bhd has launched its mobile application, Tune Protect App.

In a statement today, Tune Protect said the app comes with purchase and claims functions for customers on the go, providing them with a differentiated and seamless experience to self-manage their insurances digitally, anytime, anywhere.

It added that the app’s launch is timely, especially with the lifestyle shift in the new normal, making it easy for the customers to perform and manage their insurance transactions online.

Tune Protect group chief financial officer How Kim Lian said with the launch of the app, the firm has achieved another significant milestone in innovation and customer service.

“This is a testament of our firm commitment to driving innovation and ultimately delivering value and protection for our customers even when they are on the move,” said How.

The features on the app include among others ‘Buy Online Insurance’, ‘Policy Management’, ‘Claims Submission & Status’, ‘Secure User Authentication & Profile Management’, ‘Knowledge Base’ and ‘Contact Customer Support’.

Tune Protect said through the app, customers can easily get access to its lifestyle and on-demand online products such as Travel Easy, Motor Easy, PA Easy (Personal accident), Dental Easy, Ride Easy (Passenger protection), EasyCare PA (Disabled protection), Sports+ (Extreme Sports protection) and Guard Easy (Snatch Theft protection).

It said the policy management feature further offers customers fast access to all existing and past policies for better self-management and transparency. To this end, the app allows customers to take charge and be in control of their insurance policies with just a few clicks on their mobile devices.

How said aside from protection, customers can also enjoy the convenience of capturing their odometer reading through the app if they opt in for the Pay-As-You-Drive (PAYD) benefit when purchasing Tune Protect’s Motor Easy (motor insurance), adding this benefit rewards customers with up to 20% refund on insurance premium for driving less.

“Every feature of the app was designed with the intent for it to be a one-stop and go-to platform for customers.

“Our focus is to deliver value-added services that users can engage with anytime, anywhere and to make protection easily accessible and manageable for our customers,” said How.

At midday break, Tune Protect fell 2.78% or 1 sen to 35 sen, valuing it at RM263.12 million.

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Sponsor Bake with Dignity

Tune Protect Sponsors Bake with Dignity Bakers with EasyCare Personal Accident Coverage worth up to RM500,000

Project Frankenstein

Tune Protect sustained the sponsorship of the EasyCare Personal Accident Insurance for differently-abled bakers employed by Bake with Dignity. Under the ”Sponsor Bake with Dignity” initiative that began in 2019, Tune Protect provided complimentary Personal Accident coverage for bakers with Autism, Down Syndrome, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and other learning conditions. Tune Protect also caters from Bake with Dignity occasionally because these hearty bakers can bake a wide variety of super-delicious cakes, quiche, salted caramel fudge brownies and cookies. They can also prepares jams, roasted nuts and sauces.

Tune Protect

According to Bake with Dignity’s Co-Founder Ms. Pang Hin Yue (Ms. Pang), the sponsorship was very well-received by the bakery and the parents/guardians of all the bakers because Tune Protect’s PA coverage for the differently-abled is the only PA coverage they have had in all their lives. Oriental Daily News could not resist publishing an article about this sponsorship. The article also educated the public about the good work Bake with Dignity does to provide its bakers with a good sense of achievement in securing employment that is not normally available elsewhere. The newspaper interviewed Yap Hsu Yi, Tune Protect’s Chief – People & Culture, and Yap Hsu Yi and Ms. Pang from Bake with Dignity.

Tune Protect

Tune Protect

This sponsorship is in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal No. 3 that promotes Good Health & Well Being, Goal No. 8 that promotes Decent Work and Economic Growth and Goal No. 11 that promotes building communities.

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