June & December 2020 - Recycling Lighting Tubes and Bulbs
Dropping-off fluorescent tubes and bulbs for safe and proper disposal in accordance with environmental laws.

Code of Conduct Month
The Code of Conduct Month-long campaign took all staff through the Anti-Bribery & Corruption Policy, Whistleblowing Policy and several other important documents.
COVID-19 Prevention and Protective Measures
Various preventive and protective measures were implemented to keep our working environment safe for our staff, customers and visitors. Reminder posters, notices and social distancing markers were made visible at common areas within the office premises.
Financial Literacy, Empowerment and Entrepreneurship (FLEE) Programme​
New Orang Asli entrepreneurs from OA Bamboo Straw Enterprise and EBalar Handicraft celebrating the completion of the final phase of FLEE. ​

January to December 2020 - Earth Hour Fridays & Messaging
All non-essential lights are turned off between 12pm to 1pm every Friday to create awareness about electricity conservation and global warming.