It’s not “just another app”, it’s the Tune Protect app that gives you a world of convenience.

Download it today and enjoy these great features.

You can manage your policy

Save the trees! You don’t have to print or search high and low for your policy. Find it all neatly arranged for you.

You can submit your claim

Sitting down, standing up, or lying down – whatever position you’re in, you can easily submit your claim through the app.

You can submit your PAYD mileage data

Snap and post through the app! That’s how easy it is to submit your odometer reading for PAYD. To find out more about PAYD, click here.

You can connect with us

Need support?
Just get in contact with our ever-helpful team for assistance via phone call or email.

You can buy or renew on the app

Protect yourself in a few taps. Whether it’s renewal or you saw another plan you like, get all the information you need and checkout easily on the app.

Download the Tune Protect app today