Rewards for
driving less?
ZERO impact
on your NCD


Tier 1

Annual usage 0 km - 6,000 km 20% refund


Tier 2

Annual usage 6,001 km - 8,000 km 15% refund


The less you drive, the more you save. Up to 20% savings with PAYD (Pay-As-You-Drive) when you opt in with Motor Easy by Tune Protect* (*Terms and Conditions Apply)

Once PAYD is activated, you’ll be notified via SMS or email.


Mileage data refers to your car odometer reading which states the kilometres driven to-date.
During your policy period, simply submit your mileage data three (3) times.
Ensure your mileage data is submitted within 14 days of each submission.
If you fail to submit, your premium refund entitlement will be forfeited.

How to submit mileage data?
Submit your mileage data through the Tune Protect app!
Step 1 Download and launch the Tune Protect app
Step 2 Go to “Policies”, click on the PAYD tab and select your Vehicle Number from the dropdown.
Step 3 Click on (+) to snap photo of your road tax and odometer.
Step 4 Input your odometer reading and you’re done!
Tips to ensure your refund
  • Complete 12 months policy period
  • Submit mileage data within 14 days of each submission point (don’t worry, we’ll send you an SMS and / email notification)
  • Drive low mileage during the policy period


Those who purchase Private Car Insurance and fall within the criteria set below will automatically be opted in for PAYD:
and other underwriting criteria determined by us

How to Apply?


Get PAYD when you purchase Motor Easy Insurance on our website.
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More questions? Read on!

No. You need to opt for PAYD at the time of purchase of your private car insurance.

No. Only those who fall under the eligibility criteria are eligible to opt for PAYD.

You may opt for PAYD if you buy your private car insurance on our website, via our agents, or at Tune Protect branches nationwide.

You should send your first mileage data on the effective date of your policy. For example, if you purchase your private car insurance with PAYD endorsement on 15/1/2019 but your cover starts on 1/2/2019, you will receive a confirmation notice of your PAYD enrolment on 1/2/2019 and you must submit your mileage data within 14 days from this date.

When you opt for PAYD, you will see your PAYD endorsement in your policy schedule. A SMS and/or an email will be sent to confirm your enrolment. You need to submit your mileage data within 14 days of our confirmation of your enrolment.

Step 1 SMS and/or email with a weblink will be sent to you three (3) times during your policy period
Step 2 Click on the weblink and you will be directed to a web page.
Step 3 Upload your mileage data in this web page.

Yes, as long as you fulfil the PAYD eligibility criteria.

You still need to submit your mileage data during the three (3) submission points, failing which your refund entitlement will be forfeited.

PAYD is an endorsement to your private car insurance policy. If you do not want to enjoy the PAYD benefits, you do not need to submit your mileage data and your PAYD eligibility will be forfeited.

No. The same PAYD eligibility criteria applies to both new and renewal policies. If you do not fall under the eligibility criteria at renewal, you are not able to opt for PAYD.

To enjoy the premium refund benefit, you must complete the policy period of twelve (12) months. If you cancel your policy earlier, your premium refund entitlement will be forfeited.

No. You will still be entitled to the PAYD premium refund as the refund is not dependent on your renewal.

Yes. However, the PAYD premium refund will only be based on the policy period of twelve (12) months. You will need to submit your mileage data at month twelve (12). The extended period of your policy will not be entitled for PAYD.

You will not be entitled for the PAYD premium refund if:

  1. You do not submit your mileage data to us during the three (3) submission points
  2. Your policy is cancelled by either you or us at any time during the policy period
  3. There is unauthorized tempering / modification / replacement or malfunction of your car odometer
  4. There is modification of your mileage data visuals submitted to us
  5. Your mileage data uploaded into our platform is unclear and we are not able to capture the readings
If there is a suspicious action for item (iii) and (iv) above, Company has the right to contact you for further information and inspect your car to confirm your car odometer readings, if necessary.

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